Spring is around the corner and everyone is talking about diets, detox and cleansing. The early months of the year are the most profitable time of year for the health and fitness industry with many gyms and studios seeing an influx in memberships. Everyone wants to look great, have more energy and feel healthy.

This is all wonderful and more people should take note of their health, but there is a huge negative to this because such habits aren’t sustainable. Statistics show that most people who start a fitness or health routine in the new year do not stick with it for more than 2-3 months. It’s terrible, but true. Being healthy should be a daily practice that you incorporate into your lifestyle and not something that you force yourself to do at a certain time of year.

There are simple and natural ways to detoxify yourself so you can feel great and without having to go on a 30-day cleanse. With lots of new fads on the market it’s easy to forget that there are ancient methods of cleansing that have been proven to work through the centuries.

What if we told you that you can get rid of toxins, unblock stagnate energy from your body, relax tight achy muscles and improve circulation and flow of energy in one simple treatment?

You might not believe it but it does exist. There is a treatment created over 30,000 years ago that heals the body and detoxifies through the skin. This treatment is called Gua Sha and it has been cherished for its healing abilities in the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) community and for those who prefer natural alternatives for maintaining health and wellness.

During a Gua Sha treatment the practitioner will use a smooth instrument to gently scrape the skin.

The principle behind Gua Sha and the skin scraping technique is that the pressure of the scraping against the skin has the ability to break up stagnation and promote a smooth flow of blood to the area.

This releases the buildup of toxins and improves circulation to the area. It also feels relaxing and a bit like getting a massage because it rubs out any knots you may have.

If you can’t find a practitioner can treat yourself if you have the right tools. All you need is a Gua Sha tool and a natural oil such as coconut oil.

Apply a little oil to the area of skin that you would like to treat and then gently, but with pressure rub the tool down the skin with long even strokes.

Now don’t be alarmed if you see redness coming up in your skin!  This just means that you have stagnate energy in the area you are treating. The area may stay red for up to 24 hours, but generally if you’re in fairly good health it will disappear within a few hours. The healing effects are immediate as you will feel a sense of relief in the area you are treating and with each treatment the redness caused by the skin scraping will diminish.

It’s a great natural way to detoxify and feel great!

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